On holiday in Frederikssund

Visit the 4 town centres Jægerspris Skibby, Slangerup and Frederikssund - all surrounded by beautiful nature. Relax and enjoy a holiday here, sailing, cycling, fishing -the outdoor life. Enjoy internationally acclaimed Danish art or learn about Danish history by visiting one of our museums, castles or participate in current events.

During the summertime visit Frederikssund Viking play and Festival, and experience how the vikings traded, lived and sailed on Roskilde Fjord.


Visit the many attractions and nature experiences for adults and children in Frederikssund and areaa surrounding. How about a treasure hunt at Selsø Castle, visiting the J.F.Willumsen's museum or go exploring in how the vikings lived many years ago.

Are you into cycling? In the area around Frederikssund, there are many opportunities to ride on two wheels.

Are you into long walks and cycling trips surrounded by beautiful nature? Read more about the The Fjord Path (Fjordstien), which is a 275 km cycle and footpath of natural beauty which takes you on a round trip of Roskilde Fjord & Isefjord.

Frederikssund and city towns