Family holidays

When it comes to holidays, children and adults don't always see things eye to eye. The Fjord land has both big and small activities, while some days it's a fun experience just to visit the ice cream shop. 

We have collected some useful holiday ideas for both adults and children, so be inspired by the outdoor and indoor acitivities in Frederikssund and in the area surrounding.

Outdoor activities

The countryside in the Fjord Country is unparalleled. And there are lots of things for children to do.

In the summertime, there are many opportunties to go sailing with the steam boat Skjelskør, visit the beaches in Frederikssund and area surrounding, bicycling or hiking along the 275 km Fjord path. Visit Julianehøj in Jægerspris and go exploring in the past i 5000 year old graves.

Read more about the outdoor activitites in the area:

Natural adventures in Frederikssund and town centres
The Vikings in Frederikssund

Experience the Frederikssund Viking Settlement

Visit the "open air museum" Frederikssund Viking Settlement and explore how the vikings lived in the Viking period.

The purpose of the open air museum was to extend the Viking activities with a historically accurate reconstructed village that would give the audience an opportunity to discover how the Vikings lived and worked.

In 1994 the private foundation Frederikssund Viking Settlements, in cooperation with Frederikssund Municiplaity and other foundations, began the construction of a cluster of pit houses, a walkway and a jetty that serves as a landing spot for Viking ships sailing on the Roskilde Fjord.

The Viking play Frederikssund, Vikingespillene

The Viking Play

Frederikssund is well-known for their annual viking play, where citizens from Frederikssund participate.  Frederikssund Vikings have every year since 1952, performed a viking play presenting stories from the nordic mythology.

The Viking Settlement, Frederikssund

Frederikssund Viking Settlement

Do you wonder how did the vikings lived and worked? Get your question answered by visiting Frederikssund Viking Settlement.

Indoor activities

Sometimes the Danish weather is best suited for staying indoors. See things from a child’s vantage point and visit one of the Fjord Country’s museums.

Or how about a trip to the cinema? In Denmark films are shown with the original soundtrack and Danish subtitles. 

Frederikssund Museum

Lokal kulturhistorie og forholdet mellem menneske og fjord

Selsø Slot

Selsø Castle

Visit the old and authentic Selsø Castle, which was left untouched for 150 years before being carefully restored.

Explore the past...

Learning about the past is always rewarding. Visit a museum and find out something new ...

Holidays in Frederikssund or in the town centres

There are many opportunities to accommodate at one of the cosy inns, spend the night in the wild or rent a holiday house in Frederikssund and areas surrounding.

Kignæs Havn

Mini holiday

Find peace and tranquillity in the Fjord Country, where the countryside is always just round the corner. Enjoy a mini-holiday and relax.