On holiday in Frederikssund

Visit the 4 town centres Jægerspris Skibby, Slangerup and Frederikssund - all surrounded by beautiful nature. Relax and enjoy a holiday here, sailing, cycling, fishing -the outdoor life. Enjoy internationally acclaimed Danish art or learn about Danish history by visiting one of our museums, castles or participate in current events.

Selsø Castle

Attractions and experiences

Visit the many attractions and nature experiences for adults and children in Frederikssund and areaa surrounding. How about a treasure hunt at Selsø Castle, visiting the J.F.Willumsen's museum or go exploring in how the vikings lived many years ago.

The Viking play Frederikssund, Vikingespillene

Explore the Vikings from Frederikssund

During the summertime visit Frederikssund Viking play and Festival, and experience how the vikings traded, lived and sailed on Roskilde Fjord.



Guide to the best fishing spots!

If you enjoy quiet moments together with your fishing rod, the Fjord Country the right place for your holiday. Every spring and fall there are anglers standing by the Crown Prince Frederik Bridge like pearls on a string - where garfishes can be found!  

Visit the local farm shops

Freshly-laid eggs, fresh flowers, strawberries, lamb meat, knitwear, and French antiques. All this and more are to be found along the highways. Farm shops and roadside stalls are part of the charm of Hornsherred!

The Fjord Path

The ultimative fjord experience in 275 km.