The Vikings in Frederikssund

Every summer the Frederikssund citizens step forward as true vikings, when both adults and children pull on their viking costumes and perform the annual viking play. When the darkness falls, and the stories from the nordic mythology are told live on the open-air stage, you can't help imagining how the vikings traded, lived and sailed on Roskilde Fjord. Don't miss the annual viking festival, the viking battles or other viking events during the summer.

On this page, you can find information about the annual viking play, the viking activities and events in Frederikssund.

The annual Viking play

If you visit Frederikssund in the early summer, don’t miss the annual Viking play.

Every summer since 1952, more than 250 children and adults pull on their viking costumes and take part in the annual Viking play staged at Denmark's most beautiful open-air spot near Roskilde Fjord.

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Imagine the vikings in battle

A little preview on what the viking battles look like in the Frederikssund viking plays!

Experience the Frederikssund Viking Settlement

Visit the "open air museum" Frederikssund Viking Settlement and explore how the vikings lived in the Viking period.

The purpose of the open air museum was to extend the Viking activities with a historically accurate reconstructed village that would give the audience an opportunity to discover how the Vikings lived and worked.

In 1994 the private foundation Frederikssund Viking Settlements, in cooperation with Frederikssund Municiplaity and other foundations, began the construction of a cluster of pit houses, a walkway and a jetty that serves as a landing spot for Viking ships sailing on the Roskilde Fjord.

The Viking Settlement, Frederikssund

Frederikssund Viking Settlement

Do you wonder how did the vikings lived and worked? Get your question answered by visiting Frederikssund Viking Settlement.